Saturday, June 30, 2007

Protection Oil

To do this, you need a small dark bottle (about 3 or 4 ounces) with a tight lid, a base or carrier oil (for this I’d recommend Sunflower oil for the additional powers of the sun), a sprig of angelica, and essential oils of geranium (rose geranium, if you can find it), pettigrain, and lemon.

Angelica wards off evil and removes curses, hexes, and spells cast against you.
Geranium defends against negative energy.Pettigrain will increase your protective shield.
Lemon will increase feelings of security and relieve doubt and worry.

Place the angelica sprig in the bottom of the bottle, and add about 5 drops of each essential oil on top of the sprig.
Fill to the top with the sunflower oil and let it sit in the sun to charge.
As often as you like, but at least upon waking and before bed, dip your finger into the oil and draw a clockwise circle on your forehead (third eye), and punctuate the circle with a dot in the center.
As you’re doing this, visualize a protective shield that prevents evil from approaching you and removes any evil you may have encountered.
Repeat the phrase, “deo invicto mithrae et soli socio, nos servasti eternali sanguine fuso.” (This means, “To the Invincible God Mithras and the Sun his Ally, us thou has saved by shedding the eternal blood.”)

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