Saturday, June 30, 2007

Protection Oil

To do this, you need a small dark bottle (about 3 or 4 ounces) with a tight lid, a base or carrier oil (for this I’d recommend Sunflower oil for the additional powers of the sun), a sprig of angelica, and essential oils of geranium (rose geranium, if you can find it), pettigrain, and lemon.

Angelica wards off evil and removes curses, hexes, and spells cast against you.
Geranium defends against negative energy.Pettigrain will increase your protective shield.
Lemon will increase feelings of security and relieve doubt and worry.

Place the angelica sprig in the bottom of the bottle, and add about 5 drops of each essential oil on top of the sprig.
Fill to the top with the sunflower oil and let it sit in the sun to charge.
As often as you like, but at least upon waking and before bed, dip your finger into the oil and draw a clockwise circle on your forehead (third eye), and punctuate the circle with a dot in the center.
As you’re doing this, visualize a protective shield that prevents evil from approaching you and removes any evil you may have encountered.
Repeat the phrase, “deo invicto mithrae et soli socio, nos servasti eternali sanguine fuso.” (This means, “To the Invincible God Mithras and the Sun his Ally, us thou has saved by shedding the eternal blood.”)


Mirrors can be used to reflect negative energy back to their sender. Place them away from your view, in a window or where they will collect the energy and send it back to its source. Even very small mirrors will work. A lapel pin with a small cosmetic mirror can reflect negative energy when you are outside of your home.

Visualization Exercise

To create a protective shield around you or your home, choose a color that represents protection to you. It can be white for the Goddess or purity, blue for peace, whatever feels right to you. Imagine this color blanketing you or your home and surrounding you in a bubble. Visualize it repelling negative forces that come towards you, and watch them bounce off and return to their sender, gaining speed as they travel away from you. The more detailed your visualization, the more powerful your shield.

Make sure that you continue to visualize this shield daily to keep it strong.


Keeping garlic close at hand will also repel negativity. It is extremely protective.

Protection Spells from a Friend

These were brought to my attention by a friend. They would be useful as well.

Protection Spell Against Negative Influences, Spell To Counter Attacks, Spell To Neutralise Someone Who Wishes You Harm, Encapsulation Spell
All acts of negativity will now return threefold to thee.
All bad you try to send my way upon your own self will hold sway.
All actions, thoughts and words of hate become your own decided fate.
By all up high, the worlds and wise by oceans wide and deep blue skies by day and night, and powers three this is my will, so mote it be!
Repeat 3 times

Protection Charm Spell Against Negative Influences & To Keep A Loved One Safe In A Dangerous Environment
1. Protection For A Child Being Bullied
Get the child a rosequartz pendant (from a new age shop, a simple, inconspicuous polished or tumbled stone, heart shaped is fine but doesn't have to be).
Wear it yourself for a day and a night on a piece of string that is slightly longer than usual so it sits at the center of your chest (over the heart of energy).
Three times in the light of day, and three times when the sun has gone, bring it out, hold it in both hands and say: "Protection for thee from the highest, from the the heart, from a father's love, from all above, so shall it be."
Give it a kiss and return it to the place on your heart.
In the morning, put it on her and make sure it likewise sits over the center of the chest, just between the nipples in a man or child, and UNDER her clothes, directly on the skin.
Tell her that it is for her protection and also to know that you are with her in thought, always.

Powerful Stones
Coral.....Protective stone, use against evil eye and spells
Jade.....Protects from disease and evil spirits

Candle Protection.....Sandlewood in purple wax
Herbed Essential Oils Myrrh.....Breaks spells, wards off evil


One of the simplest forms of protection is to surround whatever it is you desire to protect with salt. Any form of salt will do. Draw a circle of salt around yourself or another. Block negative energy from entering a dwelling by drawing a line of salt around the perimeter of the home, paying close attention to window and door frames.